Saturday, September 14, 2013

On your feet...

Talking with Hayley tonight reminded me of our pre children days living in Elwood.

She was telling me about walking into town, downhill on the way in and up on the way back. She is getting herself around without a car and will get used to the exercise.

When we lived in Elwood we had a flat on the third floor. I used to dash up and down those stairs. I remember (Big Sister too) moving furniture up those narrow stairs with all those turns. It wasn't just going in and out of the flat that kept me fit. The clothes line outside was on top of the carport roof so I had to go down 3 flights then back up one to get to the line. The block of flats was owned by a nice Jewish man who lived in a house next door. He was nice to us but used to have some loud rows with his wife which we heard through a common wall. It was a fantastic spot in Elwood, closer to the shops of St Kilda than Elwood and close to our jobs. Chris was working at a printer type shop in Sth Melbourne making micro fische and I was at the Alfred Hospital doing my RN training. We started in a small flat on the ground floor and once a bigger one became available we moved upstairs. I dont have any pics from that time of the interior but I remember the parquetry floor and our shabby collection of furniture.

We moved to the suburbs when I wanted to live in a house and we got all grown up and had a lawn mower and everything!

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