Saturday, September 7, 2013

Battered but not bruised...

I filled in for Thursday night mixed doubles tennis and played really well. Even a whack on the back from MY team mate while he was serving didn't throw us off our game. Well he was a bit rattled, as I was, after he had hit me but we went on to win. The surprising thing was though the ball hit me really hard square in the middle of my back, Phil has a powerful serve,  it has left no mark or bruise. I wasn't standing in his way but I think he was trying really hard to ace our opponent and it got me. It could have been worse. If it had hit me on the head or on my kidney region I might have been injured.

Just shows I am tough stuff.

Today we had to vote. The Federal election campaign has left me uninspired with all of them and scared of some. Last night at about 9pm I got a call from Kevin Rudd himself (alright, a recorded message). I didn't listen past 'this is Kevin Rudd' but it did give me a giggle that he was calling om my home phone with his 'important message'.

We'll see what direction we'll be taking tomorrow.

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