Monday, September 30, 2013

In my shoes...

Maybe not the exact shoe but pretty close

I was curious as to how far I have run since I purchased by latest runners. With the aid of my Garmin I added up the kms clocked in my new New Balance shoes. Since March I have run 500 kms. I'll have to check now at what stage you should replace your shoes. The fist New Balance runners bought about 18 months prior, when I first started out on my running journey, had no tread left on them at all they were completely flattened. And they had been great shoes. I never had a niggle of soreness in feet or knees wearing those.

This second pair has been great also and only now we are clocking up 15-18ks each run do I feel any soreness. I don't think I'll get another pair just yet, they still have good tread on them and keep me going.

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