Sunday, September 22, 2013

A fantastic run...

Just 3 weeks until I attempt the half marathon distance of 21kms in the Melbourne Marathon. We have escalated our training in preparation for the event and it is starting to take its toll. My sore shins and hips know I am running longer distances.

I talked to my niece who is also suffering with shin splints and she offered some advice on taping and exercises to help. I was able to get the tape at the chemist but they had run out of flesh coloured tape and I had to get flouro pink. Anyway it did the job. A bit of research on trusty Google and I set off today to do 18ks. Not a hint of shin pain during the run or for the rest of the day.

We set off on our course and along the avenue we had to go single file along the roadside and I managed with my 6:30 pace to leave Running Buddy and PT girl behind. Our plan was to do 2 laps of the river course and back along the avenue. I knew I would meet up with them on the way back. Other runners out on the course were chatty and friendly asking what distance I was training for. I've never had that before. One girl asked if she could run a lap with me on the second pass. So she turned and ran beside me. I learned lots from our 20 min stint. She quickly established that she was a seasoned marathon runner and was doing 35k training run this morning. She loped along and chatted while I listened. Her name was Tina, she has done 3 marathons previously and ran 30k in the Yarra Valley last weekend which she described as tough. She has 3 young children and runs for herself. She was very encouraging of my efforts and gave me fantastic advice about race fuelling and hydration. I knew she had slowed down to run with me but she still pushed me at a 6:15 pace. That lap was a highlight of my run and I hope I meet up with her on the track again. I doubt I will see her on race day, about 7,500 are registered and she is doing the full. She said to me if you can do a half you can do a full, and she said it in a way I almost believed her.

I ran on with my predetermined plan and stopped at Olwyn's where I had stashed a drink earlier and had a very short break and a welcome drink. The girls arrived quickly intrigued by my new buddy. Running Buddy was in all sorts of strife this morning so cut short her run and PT girl and I kept going. Even she was flagging with her sore hips but I felt great. All the somethings were in alignment and I know now I will be able to do the race in 20 days time.

As long as I have my tape, my compression pants, my breakfast, and my fluids all in harmony.

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