Friday, December 14, 2012

Year 9 ends...

School has finished for the year.

And in typical Melbourne style, the unseasonally hot mid December day falls on the last day of school. It was stifling hot and windy and we had to make our way into the city centre to attend Presentation Night in the only venue in the whole of Victoria that can hold all the senior students and their families. Every year I get irritated by the peak hour travel after I have worked all day, the time it takes me to get there (85 minutes last night) and the heat. The students are meant to wear full uniform, which means tights, kilts, ties & blazers but can wear summer uniform instead in extreme weather. Every year it is the summer version.

This year Erin was presented with her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

There she is down there with 60 of her class mates. Only 67 of about 150 Year 9's finished it this year.

She now has the next 7 weeks off. I will be off for 3 of those weeks to enjoy some of the summer with her. I have just 3 working days next week before we can finalise our Christmas and camping plans.

Just as the heat can put a spanner on things, today it is raining which has changed my plans twice already. No tennis and doubtful running.

Will have to hit the shops instead.

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