Saturday, December 8, 2012

Self portraits...

I had an idea for a layout to finish off the year with a collage of images of me from 2012. There is an idea circulating that we don't take enough photos of ourselves, that we are always behind the camera or are too self conscious of the way we look. The digital camera has helped with this phenonema enormously, much easier these days to get yourself in the picture. Being happy with the way we look in photos is another thing entirely.

I made this collage on Smilebox and want to print it up to put in my scrapbook. I might use my big Sister's idea and print the page via a site she found. Her Canada holiday snaps were printed this way and look great and were an economical way to do it. She even scrapped them and put them into an album!

Looking back on the year it seems I have done a lot of running and taken lots of snaps of running. I might do another collage dedicated to running and sweating and looking puffed out.

I have finished another 2 paper layouts and have nearly reached my 50 layout goal.

I am really pleased with this one, the coloured octagons suiting the page so well.

A good way to spend a hot day, browsing through photos and making collages. Much better than other things that make you go outside.

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