Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wintery August...

Winter in the garden, some plants are bare, some are brown and some are blooming.

I am on the hunt for a Daphne plant (bush/shrub?) As I was walking back to my car after a study day in Ballarat the air was heady with the perfume of Daphne. The Bunnings lady told me I was a bit early and would have to wait until mid spring to get one from them. I'll check out other nurseries before then, I want one NOW.

The study day was fantastic and well worth giving up tennis & scrapping to be there.

Today I fully intended to go for a run but the weather turned just before I got my gear on and it was really windy with icy showers. So instead Erin and I made creme brulee and then because I had 4 egg whites left over I made some mini pavlovas.

 Any day you get to use a big flame thing is a good day.

I will have to run twice as far tomorrow.

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