Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More tennis tales...

Its amazing how things can snowball sometimes.

I wanted to play a bit of tennis.

I joined in on a session of cardio tennis and really enjoyed it.

The hospital is having a Round Robin tennis tournament as a fundraiser in November.

I rang the contact number and registered our doubles pairing.

During that conversation with Nadine she asked me if I was interested in the local ladies tennis comp on a Monday night. Hmm, yes I responded. She passed on my name to the local co-ordinator who rang me promptly (the next day) and told me to come down on Monday night for a grading hit.

On Monday when I turned up Esther asked me if I could stay and fill in for a team as they were short.

Um, I suppose so.

So I had a quick grading hit, they put me in a team with another emergency player and between us we had a few good shots, won a couple of games, but lost the match, and had some fun.

Honestly it is about 32 years since I have played an actual game of tennis. I might have fibbed a bit when I told the others it was about 20 years since I had played. I didn't want to seem too old. The difference between 20 and 32 is indiscernable. Really. I was just 16 or 17 when I last played with the Buckley Park Tennis Club in the NSJTC as a junior where we won the 'C' grade pennant. Hoarder I am I still have that little felt blue and gold pennant. I'll have to dig it out to check the year but probably about 1978.

Until the end of the year I will be an emergency to fill in on a Monday night. Next year I should get into a team. I will definately have to hone my skills as a team player, hitting the ball back is all good when someone is hitting back and forth with you but the running and stretching and putting the ball where you want will come with a bit more practice.

All good.

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