Monday, August 27, 2012

Another week gone by...

Another week has trickled by. The weather has started to turn and we have seen a bit of sunshine between the showers. Spring is showing its face with some of the trees in the local orchards starting to blossom.

Even my miniature daffodils from last year have sporadically flowered.

My fitness program is going well and I have settled in to a nice routine of running with some swimming and pilates thrown in as well. I am loving the cardio tennis and have enjoyed several games with the ladies on a Monday night. Tonight I was upgraded from a 3 to a 2 and I'm hoping to get a regular gig instead of waiting for a call each week.

Both my girls have had haircuts and redyed their hair, Hayley more red and Erins more black. Their shorter styles are really smart and fresh.

I have been scrounging around op shops for some 'cammo' gear to wear at the Relay for Life. The hospital team is going for a 'MASH' theme this year and I have had difficulty finding anything in our size. The best I could do is some khaki green coloured ladies pants which I will splotch some paint on in a camouflage style. It will have to do, I'm not buying new stuff from a disposal store when it wont be worn again.

 I have done another 2 pages for Hayleys' album and after having some photos printed at Harvey Norman I have a few more lined up.

No 35

No 36

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