Tuesday, August 7, 2012


24 years ago on this day I became a mother.

I've spoken about this before but it was a pretty momentous occasion for me. I was just 24 myself (you do the math, yep I'm not 50 yet).

This lovely baby came 3 days after her due date and 15mins before she could forever say her birthdate was 8/8/88...not to be. But she had come across so many other people who celebrate their birthday on the same day, it seems it was a popular date.

The last 24 years have flown by and Hayley has grown from a lovely little girl to a wonderful young woman. We are lucky that she is still living at home in her extremely messy bedroom, I'll miss her when she finally makes her move.

Hayley is unique and wonderful, quite definate and individual in some areas but quirky and fun with lots of friends, can you tell we love her to bits!?!

Happy birthday darling girl.

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