Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a week...

This week has been hectic.

Monday (included working) then a night game of tennis with the ladies.

Tuesday was a busy, busy day in the unit.

Wednesday after work Erin and I went back up to school to find out about her subject selection for year 10 next year.

Thursday after work I headed straight into the city (so glad I dont have to do that commute daily) to attend a grief seminar put on by VCOG (the C is for co-operative) which is a sub group of the Cancer Council Vic. It was an excellent session but I would have appreciated it more on another night.

Friday saw me do some mad last minute things, which included packing and cooking, before heading off to Mansfield.

Just  a short 3 & 1/2 hour trip to attend my neices Confirmation on the Saturday morning.

We happened to travel up the mountain on one of this winters' wettest and coldest days but found refuge in a lovely cabin in the High Country Holiday Park.

Erin and I ended up at the Mansfield Pub for a warming meal

We sat by an open fire and enjoyed a leisurely drink and delicious meal

But the whole point of our travels was to attend the Confirmation but before we could  do that a cross country run was thrown in. So I rugged up in layers of running gear and got down and dirty, sweaty and puffing.

My niece doesnt feel the cold...apparently
Olivia was very sweet and ran with me instead of trying to get a good time. Some parts of the 'crossie' were steep and muddy and I walked until I could catch my breath. She did a bit of running on the spot during those times. I was glad too when we caught up with the walkers who had headed out first and  held us up on the narrow track.

muddy/wet socks & shoes &
 a decorative mud spray up my legs

Hopefully Big Sisters' pics include a nice one with my God daughter on this day of her confirmation. Erin did not snap any after the racing.

Another long car journey home, where I proceeded with my eyelids shut and tuned out the thrashing Essendon received at the hands of the Blue, to a very sodden Marsh.

I think tomorrow I am going to be still, at least for an hour or three.

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