Saturday, August 13, 2011

M is for...

many things but today it is for....molar.

 Hayley is off to a themed 21st party, come as something beginning with the letter M (Melanie's party)

She had worked some magic with some polystyrene, material and stuffing.

It even came with a filling

And was modelled on this acrylic tooth made in the clinic (looks too real for me)

 Depending on the success of her costume tonight she might wear it in the upcoming Djerriwarrh festival as she has ended up on the organising committee. I think it looks like a tooth but I know what its meant to be.

I had a lovely day yesterday, in my tunic,
We ended up (window) shopping in Armadale & Fitzroy in lots of groovy, expensive places and had a celebrety sighting of Josh & Jenna off  'The Block'. Ness got some bathers for her soon to be trip to Hayman Island. I ended up with a light dress for when I'm lazing about on my summer holiday. I had to put it at the very back of the cupboard for today was quite chilly.

It was a cold start but I rugged up & went down to the theatre to do some more painting. Only 2 weeks til curtains up & still a lot of work to do. Erin was pleased to get into one of her costumes today and it sounded really good while I was painting enchanted objects.

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  1. Cutest. Molar. Ever. My first halloween I went as the Tooth Fairy. I had wings and a little white tutu. And I INSISTED on leaving quarters on my neighbours' front steps.