Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tale as old as time...

We thoroughly enjoyed watching Beaty & the Beast show, the music, the costumes and lighting really made for a great show. This is the Broadway version based on the Disney film. Apparently the writers added 15 new songs for this version, adding to the 6 from the film. If you've seen the film you aint seen nothing yet.

We were immensely proud of both the girls. As Hayley has performed in so many shows its easy to become a bit blase about her involvement, she always plays so professionally that we have become used to her high standard.

As for Erin, it is fabulous to see her overcoming her shyness & timidness to perform on stage. I think she would rather not being able to see us watching her, but she is doing really well. As always we have to heap equal amounts of praise on both the girls for their achievements.

After sitting in the crowded orchestra pit for hours Hayley comes out with aches & pains and a crick in her neck. Since she broke her fingers in 2006 she has had ongoing problems especially when she plays for any length of time. And 3 shows in one weekend will do that. A bit of Tiger Balm & Nurofen will get her through the next 6.

Erin is tired and heads off to her Outdoor Education camp this week. She wont have much time to recover from camp before the next weekend of shows will begin. This week I have to get my head around thermals, 0 rated sleeping bags and hiking shoes. The weather forecast for Wed - Fri looks pretty good for them.

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