Sunday, March 27, 2011

A little bit of this & that...

Erin is off to camp tomorrow, looks like she will have pretty good weather. The teachers were saying this camp at Narmbool is one of the best they have been to. It has good accomodation (run by Sovereign Hill) and the activities are all environment based. This comes from their web site, which looks really good - they also have wedding receptions there.

"Narmbool offers environmental education in a real lived-in environment"

She is enjoying the last few days of wearing the summer uniform

 before she has to struggle with stockings and ties in the mornings.

I am enjoying the last of the summer flowers before the leaves fall and the blooms fade as we head into winter.

Last Friday I ventured back to the Alfred Hospital for a day of networking & learning with my colleagues from around the state and a couple from Tassie and the ACT. I trained at the Alfred in the early '80s, the days where nursing was more of an apprenticeship than the University degree it is today. I barely recognise the place, the wards, classrooms and the live in quarters have all been refigured, relocated and reinvented. I was pleased to see that our original nurses home, the aptly named 'Fawkner Mansions,' is still standing on the corner of Punt & Commercial Roads. As I waited for the tram I could see the window of the room I spent the first year in and remembered those hard fun filled times.

Next Friday, my day will much more pleasurable when Big Sister, her friend Mary, and I will venture out to the paper show at the Showgrounds known as Paperific.

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  1. Bring all your bits that don't go with anything and buy lots more paper that will! (Who says I never write...Louise