Sunday, January 9, 2011

I swam in the ocean...

Yes thats right.

This year I went into the water 3 times on progressively hotter days. The first dip was a bit on the chilly side but I had promised Little Sister I would go in with her during their time with us.
This year the water was clear of jelly fish and seaweed. The waves were a bit inconsistent but enough for us to enjoy ourselves. Erin loves it when I get in with her but I have an issue with the whole sand/sunscreen combination, which stems from my childhood, memories of thick sunscreen being applied with sandy hands is not pleasant, so I don't go in willingly. I did enjoy it though when I gave in and being able to have a warm shower soon after the beach experience is lovely.

I do have photographic proof but that is on her camera. I also have the sand rash as evidence...

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