Sunday, May 16, 2010

This week...

my meal planner will swing into action again.

On the list - canneloni, lamb steaks, tuna mornay pie, mexican meatballs, risotto, ham & potato bake & a casserole.
Should be good.

I borrowed The Lovely Bones on DVD last night & Erin watched bits of it with me. Although I enjoyed it, it was not as good as the book. How many times do you hear that? At one point Erin & I were saying 'get out of the house, get out, he's coming...! It was suspenseful at times, & it has been about 10 years since I read the book but I think they changed the ending. I'll have to re-read it to remember exactly.

Being a regular at the DVD shop, recently I have also watched 'Its complicated' which I really enjoyed and 'Amelia' the Amelia Earhart story. One made me laugh & the other made me cry, both very good movies.

PS: I finally have added another recipe to my other blog, it only took me a year, c'mon you don't rush these things! If you are looking for an easy orange cake, pop over & check it out.

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  1. Your meals sound very yummy (Tuna mornay to a big favourite in my house). I tried something new tonight "Feta ad zucchini fritters" and they tasted really nice, but didn't quite look like the photo! (always seems to happen).

    I really enjoyed Lovely Bones but haven't see the film yet. Rarely do movies live up to the book. I had heard that "Its complicated" was good - might add it to my list of "must see"!!