Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An obsession...

I have a little problem, an addiction of sorts...

I love scarves.

I have a lot of them...

This is just my favourites, waiting to be worn.

I love the colours & the fabrics & the way they finish off a simple outfit & give it a bit of flair. Now it has turned cooler you shouldn't catch me in the same one twice!

On the home front (the kitchen front actually) I am pleased with the way the meal planner is destressing my afternoons. I know what we are having for dinner and I know the ingredients are in the fridge/pantry. You can get the same planner here. I like number 2 version for myself with just the space for dinner & the shoping list on the right. This week chicken parma, meatloaf, curry, fettucine, pea soup & spag bol are on the list.

Here's to an easier life.

1 comment:

  1. I also love scarfs and have quite a collection - they are so cosy!! Needed one today as it was -1C this morning on my way to work.