Monday, May 10, 2010


An easy day, I put these cards together & finished off a layout.

This layout is similar to one I had already completed, this one is for my album.

I also made sausage rolls & a yummy meatloaf for dinner. I am trying to be more organised & have made a meal planner for the week. I downloaded & printed some pages & have filled in the meals I plan to make. My resolution is to only go to the supermarket once a week. I started last week & so far have stuck to it. Hopefully we will have variety & some savings as well.
Back to paid employment tomorrow.


  1. My, my Jo! You have been productive! The cards looks great. Fab use of some great patterned papers. And your layout is perfect for your photo.....Just beautiful. I know what you mean about the supermarket. Might just be inspired by your meal planning and get my act together too......maybe.

  2. I love colourful cards - these are lovely.

    I do a fortnightly shop and only go to the supermarket 4 or so times in between. I go to a local Aldi which isn't as hectic as the big 2 supermarkets. And as I don't work anywhere near shops helps also!! No temptations:)