Saturday, May 29, 2010


A friend showed me a new cookbook she had picked up. We had been talking about our slow cookers & the recipes in this book really appealed.

Now I usually don't buy cookbooks without photographs but these recipes seem quite simple & delicious. I had to go to about 4 bookshops before I found one in stock. Even Hayley had a look for me when she was out & about without success.

But today I have it in my hot little hand & have been bookmarking recipes I want to try. She even has some very yummy sounding puddings in this book, and the beauty is they are all thrown in the slow cooker. The author is even from Tasmania so how can you go wrong?

I'll let you know if the dishes turn out as good as they sound.


  1. I have a couple of slow cooker recipe books and have found them disappointing so I will be interested in this on. They usually contain things I wouldn't make.

  2. Hi! :) I don't have any slow-cooker recipe books but would love one, so I too will be interested to see if this one turns out to be good! :) (I found your blog through Jo's ^)