Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A silver milestone...

Today is our silver wedding anniversary. Today is the actual day.

Didn't we look young? Well we were young...21 & 24 and about to embark on a lifetime together.

25 years seems like a very long time but it does seem to have passed by very quickly. Thanks Babe for the ride.

I was surprised at work with some lovely flowers {credit to Hayley for the subtle shoving in the right direction}
And an addition to my Pandora bracelet has filled it nicely since last year.


  1. Happy Anniversary! from Louise, Bill and Olivia

  2. Congrats on your silver wedding anniversary Jo. What a wonderful achievement. I look forward to reaching that milestone with my lovely guy some day too. What a spunky couple you made on your wedding day.....and still do! Love Anita. xxx