Monday, January 11, 2010


This pic is to brighten up what has been an unbearably hot day...up to 42 degrees & no relief til midday tomorrow. On days like this we bunker down with all the blinds drawn & don't venture out unless we smell smoke coming through the air conditioning to check if we have to make a move.

At Port Fairy [44 degrees there today] you can go on a camel ride. As we were walking along the beach we spotted these footprints in the sand...

Camel toe!!!!

I couldn't resist taking this photo for Hayley.

Our new fridge was delivered today at 545pm, wiggled into position & fired up. I'll do serious restocking tomorrow, just emptied the esky for now, it will be a bit cooler then. How come when you have no ice-cream that's all you want?

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