Saturday, January 16, 2010


A quarter of a century ago Boy racer & I said 'I will.'

Will see you through richer & poorer, sickness & in health, through good & bad.

In this stone church in Moonee Ponds we made vows to see each other through the thick & the thin.

We rode down to see it today as our anniversary draws near. It hasn't changed much, the doors are the only change I could see.

We on the other hand have changed...a bit, matured & stuck by each other through the ups & downs.

Through changes of home, employment, the addition of children, travel...tears & joy. We've both added a few kilos, grey hairs.
Then we paused at Queen's Park where our wedding pics were taken.

This particular anniversary has stirred a lot of thought in me. We are lucky to have reached this milestone, some don't make it through no fault of their own & others of their own making. We don't have any magic formula, no sage words for those starting out in wedded life.

Maybe we are just tenacious.

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