Friday, June 19, 2009

Paper friends...

I had the loveliest day today. Hayley & I went off the a craft show known as Paperific. Aimed at scrapbookers & card makers there were stalls displaying the goods we crave.

I was a bit disappointed with the number of stall holders. At previous shows there were many more & there was always something new to see. Perhaps I've been to too many as there wasn't anything new or really exciting to tempt me. Hayley & I perused all the stalls in 30 mins then went back & spent some money. I had to get something didn't I?? I mean, come on, I had virtually nothing left in my stash!!!

The best part of the show was meeting face to face with my blogger friend Anita. She was as lovely in person as I had imagined she would be from our blogging interactions. Then we met her friend Sandie who was also a lovely new find.
Thanks Sandie for the flowers they are sensational!

Anita had a gift for Erin which I'll tell you about separately, it was much appreciated & shows what a genuinely nice person Anita is.

I hope you girls enjoyed meeting as much as I did. I commented to Hayley on the way home how natural it all was, as if we had known each other for ever.

Not as successful was our lunch. We stopped at Poynton's cafe for lunch. It is a lovely cafe in a beautiful nursery setting on the banks of the Maribyrnong river. But Hayley's face says it all!

The face is because she ordered 'fish & chips'. Turned out it was a whole baked baby snapper, complete with head,eyes & bones.
Not the way she likes her fish at all. She carefully dissected & ate most of it (because it cost a bomb) & covered the staring eye with greenery.

She'll be a bit more careful in her ordering next time.


  1. Well hello there Jo (& Hayley), I was thrilled to meet you both today. Like you said it was natural - just carrying on like silly twits really!!!!!!

    I had the best day - even though the stall no's were down I still enjoyed myself - I still put it down to the company though.

    Glad you liked your flowers. I shall have to keep an eye out as to what you do with them.

    Thanks again.

    Luv Sandie

    (P.S. Had a giggle at Hayley's fish story - that is the sort of thing that would happen to me........that would have totally grossed me out - I would probably would have asked the waiter to go and behead it....LOL)

  2. Hi Jo. Like you, our meeting was definitely the highlight of my day. I get the feeling I could have quite happily skipped the expo and sat in the cafe chatting to you girls all afternoon! It was a pleasure to meet your lovely Hayley. Felt a bit guilty that I didn't have a gift for her - maybe next time ;) . I was going to give her a hug when you were leaving but I didn't want to overdo it! You girls are like old friends I've just met.....sounds silly but it's true. Thanks for making my day out so special. You're even more of a gem in real life than you are in blogland. Look forward to catching up again soon. Love Anita. xxx
    PS. Yesterday wore me out! Haven't got to doing a blog post yet.....I'm exhausted! Great to see our photo on yours and Sandie's blog. xxx