Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yesterday when I met Anita for the first time she had gifts for Erin & for myself. I was blown away by the generosity & the cleverness.

Anita has recently taught herself how to crochet & has been whipping up hand crafted goods for family & friends. Quite a feat but something she has taken in her stride.

She made this very cute pink beanie for Erin & it fits perfectly. Even the little card that accompanied the gift was gorgeous. We are very grateful for this generous gift, thank you so much.

My little gift was some crocheted flowers that I will be able to use on my scrapbooking pages, & I have just the page to use them on!

Anita has put some of her goods on this site, if you wanted to get your hands on them too!

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  1. Hi Erin. The hat looks great. Glad it fits OK. Sorry your Mum wouldn't let you wag school to come to Paperific! Maybe next time.....Love Anita. xxx