Saturday, June 6, 2009


I borrowed a DVD from the video shop last night. Funny how some names stick even though the function has changed. It isn't so much a video shop anymore as it is the DVD library, but we will still call it that even when a video machine can only be seen in museums, I'll be taking my grandkids & saying I remember when Grandpa & I had one of those machines.
Anyway, I saw 'The curious case of Benjamin Button' & really enjoyed it. I blubbered through a lot of it, there is a lot of death, dying & separation. All the kids were out & Chris had gone to bed so the tears really flowed. As I was watching it reminded me a lot of Forest Gump, they are both in the narrative style & involve triumph & tragedy. Then I found out during the extras disc that the same screenwriter had indeed written both Gump & Button. My other choice of movie was to watch 'The Notebook' on Channel 9. Don't get me wrong, that is also a good movie but it was the last movie our film loving mother saw just days before she died. That movie is also about love, death & dying. I still can't watch it.

Nice to know that even Brad Pitt will look pretty ordinary when he's old.

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