Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cyber friends...

Since I started my electronic version of a journal something quite unexpected had happened.

I have found friends & connections that I never envisaged. Other bloggers lives have become central to my own. Heather & Leann are expecting babies & I check in each day waiting for announcements ( congrats Heather & welcome to baby Marlo), Dave the single dad, after losing his wife to cancer is looking for love & stability (& going well I'm pleased to say) and Lara who's single again after what seemed to be a good thing. Ree & Sharon are living a remote country life in different continents & keeping me posted on their country adventures. I've been following Stephanie who was horribly burned in a light plane crash, her recovery is gripping to say the least. And Ginas' little family down south are like a branch of my own family. My Boxx friends are connected & caring, being able to share & get differing opinions on things is quite engaging.

Then there's Anita. She seems to be a kindred spirit, but probably loads of people feel that way about her, she is just a lovely person to converse with. I've been following her trials with her health, her creative pursuits & sharing in her family's triumphs. Tomorrow I hope to meet face to face with Anita. That is what I didn't expect, the friendship.

There are lots of stories & people telling those stories, I don't need to borrow books from the library when there are loads of tales being told in cyber space, & if I don't like it I can click onto something else that takes my fancy. Unlike other relationships, if I don't want to I don't have to check in & depending on my mood I can be creative or lazy!

Blogging is quite different to Facebook, more satisfying for me. My reading list is long & varied, from people with similar lives & stories to those that are vastly different. I have interactions with some & am just browsing on others.

And wasting just a bit too much time in the process!


  1. Oh are a sweetie! I feel the same way about your friendship. Isn't amazing how technology has allowed us to connect with wonderful friends who might never have come into our lives otherwise? So glad we connected....can't wait to give you a "real life" hug tomorrow (did I mention I'm a hugger? Hope that is OK with you? LOL!) See you at Paperific. Love Anita. xxx

  2. ah Jo, I like catching up on life in your part of the world as well (and to be included in the same sentence as Pioneer Woman!) Sounds like you had a wonderful day out (love your outfit, you looked great!) at the craft show.

    and I'm with your daughter re the fish n chips. The only way I will eat fish is with it chopped up and nicely deep fried and looking most unalive. AND not having anything to do with the cooking process!

    I have discovered I don't mind CATCHING them though!