Monday, June 15, 2009

The learner...

Callum is growing up.

He is nearly 18 years old & that means he will be driving soon. Soon as he gets 120 hours of driving practice on his learners permit that is.

In Victoria a 16 year old can get a learners permit & then they need to fill in a log book with 120 hours of supervised driving with at least 10 hours of night driving. For me it is an agonising process - 15 mins here & there adding up oh so slowly to his total. Its quite daunting having him at the wheel & you cant relax at all! With October approaching Cal has suddenly realised he needs to get a lot of practice in before then & now he really wants to do it.For the last year he has shown little interest & I've been quite happy not to add to my grey hair collection.

This sudden interest may also be contributed to his joining a band, a band that has had a few gigs. Gigs sounds great until you have to take your guitar, pedal & a stack of amplifiers. Hayley has been really good & taken him to the gigs in her little car. The hatchback Barina is able to take the stack in the back with the rear seats folded up. It's quite a sight, the two of them crammed in the front with their noses up against the windscreen & the weighty load in the back. Callum's first car will have to be a wagon, or ute or van! Why didn't he do tamborine or castanets or even voice? much less hassle.
That reminded me of when Hayley was at VCA, her flute partner played the harp. Her poor mother had to lug that harp around the countryside for performances in her tiny car. Never was I so glad of an instrument that fits into a little case.

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