Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Challenge of 8...

Here's a little bit of fun, some sharing, some facts about me! You might want to play along too!

8 Things I Look Forward To.
1. The weekend, I love the weekend.
2. Dinner cooked by someone else.
3. Going to the hairdresser & coming out fresh & pampered.
4. Christmas...I love Christmas time.
5. Finishing a layout.
6. Printing a really good photo.
7. A clean house.
8. Seeing the kids after school.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Went shopping with Chris for new clothes for him (something that rarely happens)
2. Ironing.
3. Made chicken schnitzel from scratch.
4. Slept in til 10am!
5. Wasted a lot of time on the computer browsing blogs.
6. Planted 2 small Agaves I bought from the market.
7. Took Cal to the skate park on the way to the supermarket
8. Watched telly too late.

8 Things I wish I could Do.
1. Wake up early & be happy.
2. Resist bad for you but yummy foods.
3. Enjoy housework.
4. Be a stay at home mother.
5. Run without gasping for breath
6. Make an evening meal that the whole family enjoys.
7. Be happy with my scrapbooking layouts without being over critical.
8. Spend more time with Hayley.

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately
1. Masterchef Australia
2. Sex & the city marathon on Foxtel
3. The news (every night)
4. Australian story.
5. Project runway.
6. Australia's next top model.
7. The curious case of Benjamin Button
8. Medium.

So now you might know a bit more about me - if you feel like playing along with me, take the challenge and list your 8 things about you.

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