Saturday, October 18, 2014

One week later...

...I am recovering well.

I've had a 5km run,  a good stretch at Pilates, 2 sets of mixed doubles on Thursday night, a good cardio session on Friday and another 4 sets of tennis today.

Perhaps not the relaxing post half marathon recovery week but not having to work has really helped. We have had the debrief hash out about how we could do better/different next time. time. And we have planned out the next few weeks events, the next long run being City to Sea in November (15k)

This week I also learned that Suze broke her arm when she fell at tennis last week (that's 2 for 2 now) and Emma suffered a meniscus tear. l learned my  pilates instructor is expecting her first baby. And I found out my eyesight has deteriorated some more so need glasses for long and short distance focus. I didn't need a test to know that, but snazzy new glasses to wear most of the time should take the edge off. I met up with Hayley's 'UK Abi' when she had a shift at Baby Black but work kept us from having a proper catch up.

Half way through my holidays and it has been mighty fine.


  1. Goodness Jo, I know I'm not very active these days, but just reading about your recovery week made me tired!! Keep up the great work - I'm sure 15 km in November will seem like a breeze!! Happy Birthday to Callum for Tuesday :) xo

  2. Thanks Anita, I am very mindful to appreciate my physically activities. I am thankful for a body and a lifestyle that allows me to keep pursuing my goals.