Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's done...

the much anticipated half marathon is finished. All done and dusted for the year. Perhaps I should wait a day or two before posting this race report because right now I'm not sure how I feel about it. Except spent.

Thankyou random stranger for taking our picture
It was a beautiful morning as we waited for our 8am start. We set off from the MCG down St Kilda Rd, around Albert Park Lake and back to the 'G. We couldn't go in this year as they are resurfacing for the cricket season so finished behind the ground. We got a buzz as we saw the leaders of the full marathon heading back down St Kilda Rd for their super quick times.

Dominic Pius ONDORO finished in 2:11:30 to take first place and Nikki CHAPPLE led the ladies with 2:31:04. My time was very similar to Nikki's except she ran twice as far. Makes sense then that she, as a champion, runs twice as fast as well.

Waiting at the finish line was young Joel, the son of my colleague, who was doing a project about marathon running and we were as close as he could get to a real life runner. Bless him. He came to cheer us on.

Just sharing some sweat with Joel
 His message to us last night was "I hope you win"
Well we did win, just by finishing.

After some rehydration we wandering into the race expo to check out the gear. As a sport, technically all you need is runners, BUT there is a goldmine of merchandising to be had to make you faster, better and poorer. We wandered aimlessly in the end, not able to get our brains to function past...I'm glad that's over.

The bib is filed in the folder, the medal hung with pride, this week I will rest and recover so we can take on the next challenge.

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