Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Apes UK tour...

The local band once called The Boo Hoo Hoos and now named APES are headlining a tour in the UK. 

Hayley is beyond excited to see them in London. She will be able to have a big dose of Aussie friends and music.

Whenever I saw the lead singer Ben making my latte at Baby 
Black cafe I wanted to tell him that Hayley was going to meet up with them in London but she wanted to surprise them by turning up all cool and say 'Hey, wad up' not really, she doesn't talk like that. So I had to be cool too and keep mum, all the time thinking to myself 'I have a secret...'

Huge kudos to them for such a great step in the journey to being famous rockstars. Or making a living at being musicians.

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