Sunday, November 2, 2014

Who knew...

Who knew today would be such a good day?

Not me.

The weather was not the best...pretty grey and cool and threatening to rain.
The preparation was not the best either...a bit haphazard.

But it all fell into place at the Lara Fun Run, a race I hadn't committed to until the last registration day (Thursday). A race I have done twice before and was not really interested in repeating.

Turns out that set of circumstances produced one of the best runs I have had. Ever. I ran a PB of 58:58 for the 10km. I busted that elusive  60 min barrier. I felt really good the whole way.

Running Buddy made us laugh today as she tried out her 'selfie pole'

and I was just a bit happy with myself

It has been a week of excitements. I have been trying to catch up with Hayley's bestie from the UK. Messages back and forth haven't come to fruition so imagine my surprise when she walked into my Pilates class.

I was even happy with this snap,
we had run 6k up hills in the heat in the afternoon
 and then got bent out of shape in the class

It was almost as good as seeing Hayley herself. Abi has spent more time with Hayley while she has been in the UK and I can see why the two of them have become close.

Much happiness...

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