Friday, October 10, 2014


It has been a lovely few days.

Taper week means winding down the training, doing some light workouts and being mentally prepared for the big day.


 I have run a little, including a trip into the city where I ran around the Tan,  past The Shrine,
to the MCG where I picked up our race packets and sponsors bags.

I have scrapped a little and got some prints done on line at Social Print Studio, so have lots more fodder for projects. These 5 x 5" prints are a nice quality. they are mainly Hayley's friends taken off Instagram and will be nice in her album.

The weather has been gorgeous and the promised 'red moon' was a fizzer in our backyard.

Oh and I had a low key birthday...nice and quiet

Chris's mother has moved back to Victoria, her failing health meant she was not managing in Hobart. We will visit tomorrow and check out the situation, stay tuned for the ever changing story.

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