Sunday, April 13, 2014


I was able to attend a running assessment and coaching session with Will Wragg yesterday. 6 of us gathered at Albert Park and listened to his tips. Will is a very personable young man who made a lot of sense as he talked us through some adjustments to our running technique.

I found it very valuable and tested it out this afternoon on a very muddy river track. The style was very comfortable but I found I was running quite fast and getting out of breath. I am keen to share some of the tips with Running Buddy as we both seem to fall into the same problems.

Erin came with me so we could do some shopping in Prahran afterwards and asked me why I was doing the class. My reply was that 3 years ago I wanted to run so just started running but have never been shown how to do it properly. Seems that a bit of expert tuition is a valuable thing. Will is going to send us the before and after videos he took for our reference and I am keen to see this.

Seems I need to lengthen the torso not the hunch over style I've adopted, relax the lower body, not pushing off the ground with my feet and to lean forward for momentum. Oh and a good tip about the arms. I could have read (and probably have) these tips before but to be shown and then try it and get feed back is a great learning tool.

I highly recommend it.

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