Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meerkats at the hospital...

I attended a Forum at the new Royal Children's Hospital and got to have a poke around the new 1 billion dollar facility.

It is light and airy and child friendly. It has lots of play areas for the patients and green retreat areas for the staff and families. The forum was excellent and I learned something new about blood.

I also learned about meerkats. There is an enclosure of meerkats inside the hospital and they are very cute and distracting. They are maintained by Zoo staff and we were told that they stand to attention when the helicopters land with sick children aboard. Much like Radar on MASH, they can sense the helicopter before anyone can hear them.

A lot has changed since I worked there but it is still very patient focused and a leader in paediatric care. I still have great memories of my time and my 11 years there really shaped the nurse I am today.

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