Sunday, April 6, 2014

First trail run...

Running Buddy & I tried something new today, a trail run.

Perhaps our first run back after an injury shouldn't have been a hilly, slippery trail but we survived without incident (except RB rolled her ankle crossing the finish line)

The setting was the You Yangs National Park and the view from the top across to Geelong was magnificent at 8am this morning but getting to the top nearly defeated me.

My calf felt great and it wasn't that that slowed me down, it was my breathing. Just a 3 week break from running made a big difference. I don't like hills anyway and the trail was uneven, rocky in  parts and covered in leaf litter & twigs in others so you couldn't zone out and get into a rhythm, you had to pay attention the whole time. I enjoyed it though. The setting was lovely, the morning was perfect and PB events do a good job organising these smaller runs. I might not do another trail run but I'm glad I did this one

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  1. At least you had an extra hour's sleep first! It was a lovely morning. L