Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In a blur...

Time is both standing still and racing past me. I am fully recovered from my recent URTI, Hayley's departure date is looming and I am trying to fit in some runs.

We now have Hayley's back pack but she is not bothered to have a trial run of packing. She still hasn't retrieved all her belongings from Lucy's. This is OK by me because I don't have to find a space for them yet but she only has a few days until she flies out and I can foresee what will happen...I'll have a huge mess to sort once she's gone.
She has been working long hours and saving her dosh. She has locked in a nannying type gig in Spain for the Summer and contemplating going to the Tomato Festival while she is there.

Couldn't think of anything worse personally but they also have fireworks and bands performing etc.

I received my belated Mothers' Day present last week, a Nespresso Pixie coffee machine. We have had fun tasting all the sample pods and frothing the milk. Delicious. And so easy to brew the coffee and the milk frother is brilliant, quick, effective and easy to clean up.

Running buddy and I decided to do the MS Fun Run on Sunday. Decided on Saturday while it was pouring with rain. Even as we were driving in we were doubtful as it was still raining on Sunday morning. but just as we pulled into the Albert Park car park it cleared and we ran the 10kms in good time. It was my best 10k at 1:05:47. Hers was a little faster as we got separated by the 2,800 strong crowd who were all negotiating the many large puddles on the track around the lake. We didn't want wet feet in such cold weather.

We didn't get as much rain as the rest of the state, 18mm, just enough to soak the garden. The grey weather though has made me feel as dreary as the skies some days as I contemplate Hayley's departure and the adjustment needed.

Oh well, I'll just have another coffee and that will get me going.

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