Monday, June 17, 2013

She's gone...

Hayley is in the air as we speak, zooming her way through the skies to her Heathrow destination. It will take her 24 hours of travelling time to get there and then she has to negotiate herself and a back pack that is the size of another person through the 'tube' to her friends in Clapham.

We had a teary farewell at the Airport last night and I could hardly let her go to walk through those doors. I know she will have an amazing adventure as she lives and works overseas for the most part in English speaking countries but I will still worry.

The worry at the moment is amplified because we have no way to contact her until she buys a new sim card for her phone or gets to an internet connection. The promised message from Abu Dhabi airport during her lay over was later than I had calculated and now many hours will pass til I hear from her to know how her journey went. What did we do in the days before instant communication? Just worried the same I suppose.

The anticipated mess is a reality. It will take me a few days to clear up the rest of her stuff that she has left scattered around. We spent nearly all of Sunday trying to sort out what was to keep, donate or toss. My judgement about a lot of it will have to be satisfactory. She might have forgotten about it by the time she returns.

I am proud of her for taking this giant step. Proud of the lovely human being she has become. And for following her dream.

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