Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lasting quality...

I have been perusing Erin's baby albums, looking back on photos from her birth and babyness. People often say there is the most photos of the first child in the family then as the siblings arrive the pictures dwindle. Not so with us. I have loads of photos of her as the sweet baby she was and we even have some video footage that the others never got. I'm not sure where I got the time to put all these photos into scrap albums but she has the most.

This pic is  one I particularly love is from the day she was born. Chris is holding her with a loving gaze that is really sweet. We remarked as we looked at it that he is wearing a jumper that is still one of his favourites and worn nearly every day in winter 16 years later.

The Tastex jumper was given to him by his mother a couple years before Erin came along when his sister was working for that company in Tasmania and is probably over 20 years old. The taupe coloured heavy woollen jumper is fantastic quality and so hard wearing. I have tried to get him to wear other jumpers (remember the possum jumper?) or windcheaters but he always goes back to that one.

It will be a sad day when that article of clothing is retired.

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