Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 21 already!...

Can only put up 2 more layouts and I'm behind a little. I've been busy & distracted

Number 16
For my album, from my childhood
Number 17
 and a recent one showing the growth in the front garden.

I also finished the scarf using the Selena yarn, Erin put tabs on it before it was even finished.

I like its soft ruffly texture.

Callum had his application day for the Armed Forces yesterday. The idea was he would apply for Vehicle Mechanic and get his trade qualifications that way. He wont be able to progress at this stage as he falls beneath their 'strict BMI policy'. Seems he might snap like a twig and needs to put on about 6 kgs to reach the minimum. He can reapply in 6 months if he wants to. His food consumption is already keeping my grocery bill high as it is, maybe I should try Combantrim.

In sad news another friend has succumbed to cancer, at just 48 his battle with a brain tumour was unwinnable. Another funeral on Friday, thats the third one and now ends the round of threes. Thanks.

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