Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have a new phone, an android called the Incredible that I am slowly learning to get the most from.

I'm still on a low fee plan but this one allows me to have apps & access to the internet. It has been been Incredible so far.

I have had some coaching from Cal and now know how to make calls & send messages and even take photos. I've added personalised ring tones to all the family members and am using some apps for weather, facebook and twitter. Chris & I have been drawn into a game called Logos quiz and we are progressing through the levels. Try it out on your device and test your knowledge, you'll be able to waste time like we have.

I tried taking pics of the layouts I finished this weekend


(19) for Hayley

(20) also for Hayley
I was very happy with the photo quality when I printed up the Mothers day pics and these look pretty good but it was harder to get the layouts straight. I'll work on that.

The weekend had been grey and dreary after Fridays relentless rain. We had between 40 and 50 mls fall over the day and night. I had to make a dash from the car to the chapel then from the chapel to the Bowling Club in pouring rain. The funeral was very well attended by the various organisations that Peter had been involved with. The friend giving the eulogy was floundering to portray Peter as the generous, humerous man that he was. A few others stepped up to fill in the gaps and we got a better insight to the many facets of him. I had forgotten that Peter had played the trumpet in the music ensemble and in early shows that Hayley was involved in.

Another reminder to enjoy life while we are here and to make the most of all opportunities,

"We should live until we die"

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