Saturday, May 19, 2012

Colour run...

One of the better tips I have had to keep on running is to have a goal such as a fun run or race to keep you motivated.

I have found this to be exactly what I needed. When I have a race booked I keep up the training. I like to see my results and hope to keep improving on my times.  I have also found that I dont like to keep repeating the same circuits over and over.

So I am looking for races in different venues to keep me interested. Participating in the Mothers Day Classic was fun because Hayley joined me but I dont really want to do the 'Tan' again. I've done it. Many of the races in Melbourne are on this same track. I was pleased to see that the Lara Fun Run in November is on a different course, still in Lara. I had an offer to go camping on that weekend but when that fell through I am looking forward to that race again.

Iwas looking for some races to do between now and November and found one in July around a track beside the Maribyrnong River. A running blog was talking about color runs which sounds like a fun idea to keep the racing fresh and fun. But it is only in the States at the moment but if it were to come to Australia, I'd like to join in.

So I'm still on the lookout.

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