Sunday, May 13, 2012

My mothers day...

My Mothers Day started early, at 545am.

the breakfast of champions
then Hayley and I set off for the city to participate in the Mothers Day Classic.

It was wet and chilly

but we pushed through with 1000s of others and ran our 4km race in about 30 minutes. Hayley was very distinctive in her poncho and I spotted her about 2 minutes after I finished.

every champion deserves a medal
I had to drive into the city as the first train this morning did not get in for us to get to the start on time. My usual anxiety about parking once again proved unfounded as we got a close park easily.

even the porta-potty queues were pretty short. Hayley managed to run into a friend among the crowd.

Coffees on the way home warmed us up and we were back home by 10am.

My Mothers Day was then supplemented by some lovely new slippers and a bright cover for my new phone. I thought I would have time to do some scrapping this afternoon but after the usual ironing, grocery shopping and a bit of gardening the day has slipped away.

But it has been a really good day, its been all about me! I hope you had a good day too!

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