Friday, April 13, 2012

Camping tales...

I've been a snob about camping.

I always claimed I wouldn't go camping. I didn't want to 'sleep on the ground and cook in the dirt' or so I thought. But I have been converted. Our little trip into the Grampians has been lots of fun and with the amount of equipment we took (including the lap top with wireless internet) it has been not as hard as I previously believed. While it hasn't been a luxury cruise it has been a great little getaway.

We have learned a couple of things along the way and have made some notes about how we can improve our set up.
It has been really cold at night time and after the first night made a dash to a nearby op shop to buy some extra blankest. I knew the ones I wanted, good quality woollen ones like we had when we were kids. The polar fleece ones we had just didn't cut it. I was thrilled when I went into the Salvation Army op shop in Stawell and found 2 of them. In perfect condition, just $5 each, such a find was luck or destiny or both. We have been warmer since, we probably wont need them when summer camping but I'll pack them anyway.
The other thing I must address is lighting for the tent after dark. We have one lantern, and a torch. Bit hard to read by, or make coffee by or do anything much. We made the mistake of starting to cook our dinner the first night after dark and it was a bit hard to tell if the chicken was cooked.
Other than that it has been a success with the equipment and basic running of the camp. I read on a blog this week about her musings on camping in a caravan as a child. I too have fond memories of caravanning but never considered that as 'camping'. I always thought that you needed a tent to go camping and now I have been camping!

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the whole experience. We had a very relaxing time, not doin much at all. Home now, unpacked and dealing with all the washing. Oh, to be home! Louise