Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have a hate/hate relationship with my hair. Definitely no love involved. I usually tolerate it and have tried many hairdressers trying to find the perfect one. Or one that gets me and my fine hair. The local hairdresser did a couple of fairly good cuts but then I wasn't really happy and had to go back for a fix up and  then I found out she wasn't paying her staff correctly and owed people money while she builds a mansion, so I tried elsewhere.

This time around I left it go a few weeks too long between cuts. I was busy, the latest hairdresser isn't close by. So now I finally have had the haircut I think I have gone too far with the 'I want it short' claim. I cant get it how I want it, it seems too short for me. It will grow, and I'll probably get 1 week where I like it before it turns again.

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