Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hectic day...

By 1030am I had washed my car, baked a cake and walked 5kms. After that I attended a funeral & wake, then went shopping on my way home for school stockings. I picked up a pizza for tea and realised once I got home that it was the wrong one and had to go back to get the right one (how do people eat prawns, pineapple & olives on a pizza??)

Amongst reflections of the long life of a memorable woman I almost forgot to pause and reflect on the shorter life of our father who passed away 27 years ago today. I still miss you Dad and wonder what sort of grandfather you would have been to our brood. And the unfairness of how the good die young and the seemingly undeserving keep skating by.

And I forgot Pilates all together.

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