Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blame me...

Blame me for the change in the weather.

No sooner had I cleared out my summer clothing to make way for the winter wardrobe when the cold snap hit us. It has been icy and rainy and anything that was remotely flimsy was quickly dispatched.

I had made a pact with myself not to buy any new clothes this year and as I went through the many outfits I realised I would make it easily. I love to buy clothes but have many more options than need and should manage quite nicely.

I have more than enough options for the funeral tomorrow even with the chilly forecast. I might even get to wear a winter coat as well.

I put out a few items that I wont wear again and some things I haven't worn for a while and have a big bag for the op shop. Even Callum & Erins' wardrobes weren't safe.

I was pretty happy with this outfit, not that happy with the pic but I'll blame Chris for that.

You might see some recycled clothing this year (like this belt which is about 20 years old) as I resist the temptation to purchase.

Today has been very quiet because of the ANZAC day public holiday.

Quiet and cold.

It was cold for the dawn service, it was cold for the footy, it was just plain cold.

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