Sunday, April 15, 2012

Camping has taught me..

I can hitch a trailer, secure the load and tow it.

I have little tolerance for screaming children  in caravan parks, anywhere really,  especially when that screaming is incessant, at 6am and seems to be for no reason.

Caravan parks are intimate places, you stroll over to the amenities block in your PJ's with your bed hair at 10 angles and you dont care. And you say good morning to people.

You also hear lots of things, its also easy to forget how thin your own walls are, and smell everyones cooking.

I like to know what time it is, I would ask Erin multiple times a day and night, as if she was the timekeeper. I had to keep checking my phone for the time, even on holidays I like to know.

You feel like you have been away for ages and appreciate home when you get there.

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