Monday, August 16, 2010

Still sick...

Erin improved for a few days, actually went to school but has now had a relapse and is coughing again to the point of vomiting. After a trip to our GP he commenced her on preventer and reliever puffers through the spacer. He did say the preventer medication would take some time to work and it did give her some relief but the sore throat and runny nose has flared up the cough again.

The wild cold rainy day we had today has not helped. It seems her airways are very sensitive to the cold air and it sets her off again. I raised the possibilty of whooping cough with the doctor and he feels it is unlikely. So her eyes are very red, the cough persistant and our patience wearing out.

We tucked up together and watched this movie. I know I know, I am a bit slow but I hadn't seen it and Erin had seen an interview with his actual daughter so she was quite interested as well.

We really enjoyed it and I would recommend anyone (there might be someone!) who hasn't seen it to have a look.

And I finished my book. Might save the next one (Jessica Watson's story) for our holiday.

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  1. Hope Erin is feeling better soon. Nothing more annoying than a persistent cough, especially one that is so severe. Thinking of you Erin - get well soon. :)