Thursday, August 12, 2010


Winter has hit us hard over the last few days. Rain rain lots of rain, grey skies, windy stormy weather.

I'm not complaining about the amount of water that has been collected, but our overflowing tanks are flooding the garage even though Chris had done a great job with his plumbing skills, the 40 mls that has fallen is too much for his efforts.

I've said it before but I love this time of year. Frosty mornings and  stormy days mean I can wrap up in lovely scarves, warm coats and boots. The next season will be here soon, I saw the first of the fruit trees in blossom in the local orchards, and the boots will be packed away til next year.


  1. Think we will have to agree to disagree when it comes to your affection for this time of year Jo......although I understand that you love the chance to give your massive scarf collection an airing :) Stay warm my dear friend. xxx

  2. I’ve been keeping up to date with your site, but just don’t always have time to comment (sorry). Just thought I’d say hello again so you know I’m here!

  3. We have had some lovely rain and finally the dams are beginning to climb, and finally we might have enough to get us through summer with out heavy water restrictions. It is raining again today.